What is capoeira?

Capoeira is an art, which unites everything together and removes differences between people and cultures. It is a very complex union of fight with music, acrobatics and dance. Everyone can find his own way in capoeira. Who likes music can become a recognized singer and musician, somebody else can be well know for his acrobatics, other for his effective play style and fight technique. In capoeira there are many different types of game and together they make capoeira.

Music is the heart of capoeira, dictating the pace of the game. The players performing this art are always keen on playing within the rhythm of the instruments typical for capoeira - the berimbau, the atabaque, pandeiro, agogo, reco-reco.

Capoeira is hard to define as a martial art, a sport or folklore. Maybe because of its unusual approach and unique mix it holds the title as the fastest growing martial art in the world, and found its way from its craddle Brasil to the corners of Central Europe - to us.